Own Hands on techniques

Manual Voice Regeneration


– (chronical) hoarseness
– vocal fatigue, voice overload
– globus
– lack of resonance
– loss of high notes
– Post-Covid voice weakness
– hypertonic dysphonia/ dysfunction of the voice




– improving awareness for voice structures and functions
– improving ability to understand and apply vocal technique
–  relaxing tongue, jaw, larynx, velum, hyoid, breathing muscles…
– more flexibilty for tthe fascia in throat and neck
– regeneration after extensive voice use
– deepening of breath
– relaxing the pelvic floor
– improve motor skills of tongue, larynx, velum,
– looking at physical and psychological causes of voice problems


My own wonderful experiences as a client made me want to develop these services especially to singers. Work in and around the mouth is a powerful tool that can lead to a deeper understanding of our vocal resonance.

Relaxation techniques for the respiratory muscles are, in my experience, as necessary as vocal training; in my opinion, this work is extremely beneficial.

My work is inspired by my training in cranio-sacral, visceral und larynx osteopathy, various myo-fascial techniques, breathing types, meditation-techniques and trauma therapy.

Session 55 min 90€; 3 sessions 252€ (valid for 3 months) booked sessions can be cancelled 48 hrs in advance


Own Hands On

Body structures love touch! There are many times we turn to touch automatically, like when we massage aching muscles, press certain acupuncture points or stretch muscles that have too much tension. Through vocal coaching, directed touch leads to results much more quickly because we can communicate with our bodies directly, without involving our heads. “Loosen up your jaw!” “Lift your soft palate!” – you’ve heard you should do them, but aren’t shown how to?  With `directed touch` we can learn to manually analyze our bodies. That helps us to clearly understand the structures and improve performance. Feedback from regular touch practice improves flexibility and brings us into better contact with our vocal instrument, keeping our bodies and voices supple.

According to the needs of your voice, I teach you a set of techniques that you can apply in your singing routine.

These exercises are also very effective for voice regeneration when you are on tour or have to sing challenging vocal parts. After voice infections or injuries, together with the Vocal Straws, hey help rebuilding your voice.